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The King of Cannabis Extracts

We use state-of-the-art extraction technology to provide a superior yield with the clarity, color, and purity customers look for.

We incorporate several proven technologies in our extraction processes, and formulations can be made to suit any needs.

Our extraction laboratory systems and equipment are certified for use in the Michigan regulated industry and fully compliant with Class 1, Division 1 manufacturing, and processing environments.

Our extraction services are based upon extraction systems for quality, safety, and precise operation to provide time and cost efficient processing to produce concentrates that meet the needs of all businesses and consumers.

Our goal is to be an industry leader in extracted concentrates. We seek to produce the highest-quality products and deliver exemplary service to our industry partners.

Our company is proud to be based in Warren, Michigan.

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Gold Crown Extracts uses the most advanced science behind cannabis consumption. Literally, it is next-level extraction. With taste profiles ranging from fruity to skunky, the flavor of concentrates are the purest terpene profile you can find.
I like the immediate, powerful results of gold crown extracts. I also like the taste of live resin. It's like a no-fuss concentrate. It's a quick fix that's long-lasting with lots of flavor and a lot of punch.
Gold Crown Extracts is my favorite concentrate brand. No matter what dispo I go to, I know that when I purchase Gold Crown Extracts, I am getting the highest quality and the highest high. I am loyal to Gold Crown.

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