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Live Resin

Live Resin is a fairly new extraction technique, yet extremely effective. Live Resin consist of flash freezing the cannabis bud directly after cultivation. This preserves the terpene profiles and THC content. The result is a much more robust and intense flavor compared to other extraction methods. The consistency is an odd mix that resembles a wet wax. Some extracts we make with live resin are:

  • Sauces
  • Terp Sugar
  • Live Resin Carts
  • Diamonds
  • Live Budder


One of the newest forms of cannabis concentrates on the market. Extracted with butane at -90 C, crumble is sometimes just as potent as shatter with THC levels ranging between 60% – 90%. Crumble, as opposed to shatter is never clear, and resembles clumps of sugar, which is why some people often refer to it as “sugar wax”. Crumble is by far the driest form of cannabis extract and is fairly easy to handle. Some experienced users will add in crumble to their joints to add an extra punch, but most consume crumble via dab rigs or a concentrates vaporizer.


 Named for the brittle properties of the extract and its ability to break, or “shatter” quite easily. Colors can range quite drastically depending on the extraction process (mostly via BHO or PHO) and varying strains used to produce the wax, however, it is usually an orange/yellow mix and can be crystal clear or somewhat cloudy, again, depending on extraction method. Shatter has become popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs because of its potency. With THC ranging from 70% – 90%. 


Sugar, sometimes called “sugar wax,” is a type of cannabis concentrate with a consistency like wet sugar, or sugar mixed with a liquid, but not dissolved. Cannabis sugar is made through chemical extraction, and can be made from dried flower or fresh frozen cannabis plants. Sugar often has a bright yellow or deep amber color.  

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